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How are sandwich materials used in slotting and drilling?

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Why do more and more people like to drill holes in sandwich materials?
Now house prices are getting higher and higher, and small houses are becoming more and more popular. The small area of the house leads to the smaller and smaller area of our bathroom. Things are often difficult to be stored in the cabinet. Even putting a shelf takes up space and wastes money. Moreover, the bathroom is very humid. Even if it is made of stainless steel, it will rust after a long time, which is very impractical. Therefore, more and more people use slotted drilling sleeve to drill holes on the toilet wall. Toilet area is small, do not want to occupy the best way of space, that is to use the space of the wall to decorate, slotted in the wall to do niches is very space saving, put some of our usual washing or other things is also very convenient.

But the use of slotted drilling sets of materials to do niches is to need certain conditions, if your home walls do not have a certain thickness, there is no way to do. Secondly, we must avoid the load-bearing wall. It is very difficult to take out such a large niche for the load-bearing wall. Reinforced concrete is not a joke. You can try it if you don't believe it. Avoid the load-bearing wall to do niches, after finishing must do waterproof. Because finished niche wall sandwich material will become thin, if the tile or stone pervious will let the opposite wall moisture, moisture will cause the wall anti alkali, serious will let the skin fall off. It's also convenient to clean the niche. In addition, the depth of the niche should be moderate. It's too deep and too shallow to handle objects. Niches, if well done, are very beautiful.