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What are the types of partition walls made of lightweight profiles?

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The frame partition board is mainly made of light-weight profile such as keel as the main frame, which is fixed on the construction subject scheme. At that time, the most widely used light steel keel plaster spacing was the most typical frame partition wall. When creating this kind of partition wall, first use wood, metal profiles, etc. to set the keel. At both ends of the light steel keel, use various wooden boards, fireproof boards, plastic boards, paper plaster and other boards as the cover panels. If there are special needs for heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, you can also fill the keel frame with heat insulation and sound insulation materials, and form the partition wall at the end.
Light profile
Light partition board is popular in large shopping malls. This kind of partition wall material is mainly used in large shopping malls because of its light weight, environmental protection, high toughness, heat insulation, seismic grade, sound insulation, noise reduction and moisture resistance. This kind of space is mostly created by various types of wallboard, and mainly light wallboard. It is not necessary to set the light steel keel as the gypsum board, but the partition board itself bears the load, and the prefabricated light profile partition board is directly fixed on the partition wall of the main construction scheme. After the wallboard is erected, the pipes are arranged in the wall. Generally divided into composite wallboard, single material plate, hollow plate and other types. Compared with the traditional gypsum board, it has the advantages of stability, moisture resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction. The common products in large shopping malls are raised concrete polystyrene insulation board (GRC board), composite color steel sandwich board, steel mesh cement board, plaster of Paris hollow board, Taibai board, concrete ceramsite board, etc.