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How can PET foam cube be effectively utilized?

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In daily life, about PET foam cube: I believe many people are no stranger to foam products, such as a common disposable lunch box.
1, recycling: recovery and reuse of foam waste, not only because the recovery of waste foam can play a corresponding role in environmental governance, but also seemingly unattractive waste foam, through recycling can also bring considerable profits for enterprises.
PET foam
2, renewable resources: PET foam machine is a set of energy-saving and environment-friendly good equipment, is conducive to the recycling of renewable resources, can reduce costs to customers, and achieve the purpose of improving economic efficiency. There is also a foam block machine, also known as a foam block machine. The old foam block machine pulverized the waste foam, such as foam fast food box, cake box, foam packaging box material, thermal insulation material and foaming material, omentum white pollution rubbish, etc. after being broken, the screw is heated and plasticized and extruded into lumps so as to facilitate transportation and sales.