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Do you understand the application field of sandwich foam panels?

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The density board is divided into three types: low density board, medium density board and multi density board. The surface of sandwich foam board is very beautiful without decoration. It can display unique decorative effect in industrial style decoration. The surface can also be coated with paint or paint, it is very easy to decorate the surface as a base material.
For the multi-density foam plate, the physical properties are good, the internal structure of the material is uniform, and there is no dehydration problem. When processing, it can carry out punching, drilling and so on, cutting and processing modeling are very convenient. In addition to home decoration, it is often used in architectural decoration projects. High density board has a wide range of applications, it also has the function of sound absorption, so in the space that needs sound insulation treatment, high density board will also be used as sound absorption board.
Sandwich foam board
What are the advantages and disadvantages of sandwich panels? Apart from the above advantages, there are many disadvantages of MDF. No matter what type of density board is, it can't avoid the phenomenon of deformation and expansion when meeting with water, so generally high density board won't be used in the space with heavy water vapor. Because the density is too high, it is relative to low density board and medium density board, the probability of cracking is greater, so the density board used in furniture production is usually medium density board. MDF is mostly used as indoor and outdoor decoration, anti-static floor, audio, car interior decoration. Many packaging materials will also use HDF, which is also very suitable for laminate flooring.