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Introduction to the use of PET foam cube

Release time:2021-06-08 19:55:50 source:http://en.hannban.comviews:
We know that PET foam is made up of foams, which are filled with air. Therefore, the foamed plastics have the advantages of small density, heat insulation, sound insulation, high strength and so on. They are important products of lightweight design. At present, according to the size of bubble holes, foam cube blocks are used in commodities, packaging materials, building materials, sound insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, agricultural products, electrical materials, mechanical parts and other fields.
In all kinds of holiday gifts and various adornment market, PET foam cubic blocks of various sizes are often needed, so the decorations factories need to cut the purchased cube blocks and make the cube blocks of the required size. The cube of bubbles is actually the packaging of refrigerators and televisions in our daily life. They are essentially the same material, the difference is that the foam cube is flame retardant, the ordinary packaging foam is not flame-retardant. There are many popular thicknesses in the market now, which are stronger than ordinary brick walls because they are poured with cement as a whole, with cement and steel bars inside. No matter how loose they are, they are stronger than bricks.