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Is it OK to slot the structural core material with slotted drilling sleeve?

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Can structural core material be slotted with slotted drilling sleeve?
The harm to slotting of bearing wall is as follows
1. Drilling holes and slotting in the bearing wall will weaken the resistance section of masonry, reduce the bearing capacity of masonry and reduce the safety performance of residential buildings; In addition, when slotting and drilling holes, whether it is hand chiseling or impact electric drilling, it will make the wall produce greater vibration, cause the mortar joint loose, destroy the bond between mortar and brick or hollow block, thus reducing the shear and compressive strength of masonry.
2. If it is necessary to use slotted drilling sleeve material slotting on the structural core material, the bearing wall should not exceed 30 cm, and the non bearing wall should not exceed 50 cm, otherwise it is easy to cause wall cracking. Now the shear wall parallel stress is very big, most afraid of this kind of transverse slot. Normal vertical pressure also causes wall cracks, once the earthquake, the large transverse tension is very terrible.
If a 5cm deep and 3M long transverse groove is dug in the bearing wall, its harm is equivalent to the overall demolition of a 1m wide bearing wall. Any form of damage to the bearing structure will reduce the seismic performance of the building. For example, a piece of intact glass with a certain thickness is not easy to break.
However, if a diamond is used to make a mark on the glas